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Radhika Bhatia - Teacher - 20th May, 2016

It was great. It is fun and I am sure it will be for all other courses. Fantastic!

Janhavi B. Lamba - Student of K.C. College - 13th May, 2016.

Great course as well as the trainer. I shared great rapport with Varun Sir. Made me feel very comfortable and took the sessions very flexibly and comfortably.
The course is also very helpful. As an Arts student and planning towards being a psychologist, this course will definitely help me knowing more about the people. The course as well as Varun Sir have helped me change the characteristics not advisable for a person to have.

Sneha Chandiramani - Student of Architecture from Raheja College - 12th May, 2016

I joined the class because of my pushy parents but in return learnt a lot. I did not really expect myself to enjoy it to that extent, and honestly did not believe in it much. But over the course of the class, I gained a lot of knowledge and am eagerly waiting for the Advance course. It was a very fun loving way of learning such a tough course. I hope to see myself doing something with this knowledge in the future.

Tanvi Teckchandani - Student of medicine - 12th May, 2016

It was an amazing experience to learn graphology from Varun Sir. Nice and interactive classes. Overall it was a very nice class and a right decision to join graphology.

Krushi J. Chhadwa - Student of SIES college, BMM - 9th May, 2016.

The course is just amazing. It helps us know ourselves even more better. After attending the first lecture itself I understood it's going to be really interesting. The trainer is really good. A very chilled out person. You can always clear your doubts without hesitating. So that's really good! Eagerly waiting to start up with the Advance level so that I can learn even more about the course.
The course is just worth it!

Diandra Pereira - Student of SYBA, Mithibai - 4th May, 2016

Graphology is an interesting topic, Varun Sir made learning fun and easy. All in all it was a great experience and a chance to try out something new and interesting.

Meetha B. Chitaliaa - Crystal Predictor, Tarot, Reiki Master - 23rd April, 2016

For graphology I can say it was a wonderful experience with specially Sir 'Varun'. The atmosphere was nice, friendly, had a homely feel and was top most comfortable.
A lovely approach towards the opposite person which is the real fun of life and Varun Sir has got that.
" May God bless you 'Sir Varun'."

Neha Joshi - Homemaker - 15th March, 2016.

Completed the fourth session of basic level of graphology today. Had a nice exo learning with Varun Sir. Got to know more about myself through this course. Varun Sir made things easy to understand by giving good examples. Happy to complete the basic level and looking forward to start with the advanced level soon.

Munira Shakir - Wellness Counselor - 1st March, 2016

I Munira Shakir from Hyderabad is very happy to finish my course of graphology at Globus Talent. Mr. Varun has been very enthusiastic in teaching me about the subject. I appreciate the ways he took care of me regarding the subject and hospitality. I felt warm and comfortable learning with him. Looking forward to doing three more courses with him. I am proud of Globus Talent and wish them all the luck for the future projects. Keep doing the good work and thank you very much.

Prachi Thakur - Volunteer At Teach India - 23rd February, 2016.

I have had a great experience learning level I and II of Graphology. It has given me an insight of what kind of a person I am. I look forward to practising this and also to learning the Advance levels next month. Thank you Varun Sir and the team at Globus Talent for this amazing class. You are truly knowledgeable and know what you are about to teach!

Silna Nair - Student, TYBMS, D.G. Ruparel - 10th February, 2016.

At the end of the basic level what I understand is that graphology isn't a magic but an art that can be learnt and practised. I must say that the complete essence if this course wouldn't be so much interesting if not with this amazing epitome of knowledge and enthusiasm, Varun Sir! The pattern followed is simple and easily understandable, though it be the teaching or the notes. The course is much more fun because it's totally logical and has the potential to unleash a lot of areas in personal and corporate world. Thank you for the beautiful journey this far, looking forward to learn more with the Advance level.

Varsha Agarwal - Homemaker - 28th January, 2016.

It was an amazing experience learning the science behind handwriting and how it is related to our personality. Varun Sir was very good. He was very friendly and gave lot of examples. Looking forward to the Advance course.

Smitha Achary - Architect - 21st January, 2016.

Let me begin by thanking Varun Sir for enrolling me into graphology. It was truly amazing. I enjoyed it thoroughly. The course was conducted in a smooth way and it went in a flow. Very good tips shared by Varun Sir to memorise the points. The best part I can understand myself much better. Thanks to Globus Talent team for sharing this knowledge with many lives  Good luck!! Keep the good work going.

Siddhi S. Kanhere - HR, Podar Education & Network - 17th January, 2016.

The basic graphology course was fantastic. Mr. Varun Sir is an excellent trainer. I like his training method a lot. As a trainer, he was making me understand the concepts of graphology by giving live example. I think, only excellent trainer can train in such a way.
I like the course content.
In short, I found that I am getting training under right person and in right institute.
If anybody asks me about the graphology institute then I would surely recommend him/her to this institute as it's very much dedicated to graphology. 
The overall experience was fantastic.

Bhumi Sompura - Student of Mumbai University - 08th January, 2016

I always wanted to learn graphology. Learning graphology from Globus Talent is an amazing experience. Varun Sir is really very friendly and always enthusiastic - always ready to give the best solution for all the problems and doubts. I think there could be no better institute than Globus Talent for gaining knowledge.

Dr. Anil Shivanandan - Doctor B.Sc., M.B.B.S., M.S., Rcgp(Uk), Chairman (Medical Comple) - 07th January, 2016

Made the course so easy and interesting which is beyond my imagination.
Thanks to the team and specially Varun Sir.

Robin Thomas - Mktg & Client Service at Mrvl - 16th December, 2015

Basics in Graphology has been very insightful. It has created a strong basic foundation in my understanding on graphology or handwriting analysis. It has created an interest in me to learn about the advanced course in graphology.The trainer (Varun Sir) has been very patient in teaching the course, giving many examples, answering my queries, sharing his experience, and even suggesting or guiding me about my next step after this course. It has been very fruitful learning this course and learning from him.

Ms. Pinky Das - Artist / Teacher - Little Brush - 18th November,2015

Hi, This is Pinky Das. It's my day 3 of Graphology (Advance - Level). Its my pleasure to write this feedback for World School of Handwriting who helped me quenched my thirst for knowledge on Graphology. Understanding the logic with minute details & with real life examples wouldn't have been possible without a good teacher. I heartily thank Varun Sir for being a very good teacher & sharing all kind of examples, knowledge & experience with me. Taking time out from my busy schedule, if I get a chance, will surely try doing other courses available at Globus Talent.

Aditya Wanjari, Student of V.G.Vaze College - 6th November, 2015.

I would first like to share my experience with Mr. Varun Rupani, he's one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever met, and as a trainer, his interactive and expressive style is quite effective for doing the job. The course, Basic Graphology Level, is learner friendly and has a lucid language. The notes provided too are useful. It is the interactionist nature of the course that makes it valuable, to speak of it overall.

Oindrilla Pal - Student of B.Des. Textiles from NIFT - 23rd August, 2015

The course was more interesting & exciting, as I presumed it to be. I enjoyed the whole learning process & I am equally happy that I can use my skills presently in my other activities efficiently. Varun Sir is one of the best professors I have studied with till date. The whole course was equally interesting and fun.

Sanjana S. Bhadsavale - Student of Ruia College - 23rd August, 2015

I've always wanted to do a course on graphology and learn the amazing science behind it and now after all these sessions with Varun Sir I am even more amazed with it. Learning something like this from someone who's so passionate about what he does & teaches is a great experience & indeed I had fun. Very enlightening course, crafted beautifully by the trainers. Globus Talent is really doing a great job.

Jemini Haria - Astro Counselling, Tarot Card Reader, Counsellor - 24th August, 2015

Enjoyed the course very much. Of course Varun Sir makes every course very interesting & we feel like learning more & more from him. Dream Analysis has programmed my mind with strong and positive approach in the happenings of my life and others life. Enabled me to experience even the small moments of life can keep an image on your mind. Lot of thanks to Varun Sir & Globus Talent. Seeing forward to do many other courses with Globus Talent ahead.
Best of Luck!

Aarti Kumbhar - Banker, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Graphologist, Numerologist and now a Dream Expert - 24th August, 2015

Very knowledgeable. The fear of dream has been gone. With the help of this we can analyse the actual meaning of the dream. It helps us to know how human psychology works.
Thanks to Varun Sir.

Priyanka Shinde - Asst. Manager HR, Supreme Petrochem Ltd - 12th January, 2014.

Since the beginning I was very curious about Graphology as a concept. While joining the course too, I was a little unsure but my tutor, Varun, made it a point that each class of Graphology, becomes interesting. The way and approach of teaching a concept like Graphology is really made interesting as well as believable.
The sessions were not just educating but they give insight toward self and also personalities of different kind of people. I thank Varun and his whole team for such a good learning experience.

Mrs. Ritu Dani - Teacher at RBK School, Mira Road - 5th January, 2014.

My trainer is Mr. Varun who is really an excellent teacher who can teach as well as encourage a teacher. This course is amazing because the handwriting of different people speaks a lot about their behavior and characteristics. This course has also helped me in a way that I have learnt traveling all alone, which I had never done before.

Grishma Sarangdhar - Self-Employed - 2nd January, 2014.

Basic Graphology is very interesting to learn. I had a faint idea about what Graphology actually is but with the basic course, I have understood the interesting details in it. I never knew there is so much since science involved in our handwriting. It helped me to understand people close to me as well as myself. Varun Sir explains all the details with various examples so that the basics are very clear to a student. I have enjoyed my 5 sessions of Basic Graphology thoroughly.

Saachi Arora - Student of Psychology, Jai Hind College - 8th December, 2013.

It has been a great experience learning about Basic Graphology. It has been difference since I have not joined such a course before. Its been a pleasure learning it from Varun Sir. He is amazing at teaching this. It was very Interesting. I have become a good analyser because of him.

I am really excited now and looking forward to learning Advance Graphology and Face Reading.

Juhi Bhatia - 5th December, 2013.

It was very wonderful learning Graphology. I am very much impressed with this course as well as getting a good response from family and friends is a cherry on the cake. My experience learning this course turned out exactly the same as Varun Sir told. I am very happy as well as very excited to go for Advance graphology as well as perhaps more courses under “Globus Talent”.

 Thank you so much for being so cooperative and patiently teaching us.

Punit Bhambhani - 4th December, 2013.

I was very curious about graphology and my trainer was very good in graphology, his name is Varun Sir. I remember I had doubts about whether I should do this course or not and he cleared my doubts on the first day of meeting itself. I have completed my first course of Basic Graphology and it was a lot of fun. Can’t wait to start my Advance Course. Varun Sir is very cooperative and patient with us. I think I couldn’t have learnt from the best in the business today.

Jill Deliwala - Student - 25th November, 2013.

Graphology as a subject is really very interesting and fun. It is very exciting when you come to know a lot about people without actually conversing with them. Varun Sir is a great teacher and he always shares his experience and ideas with us. This course has taught me a lot. It was a really great experience.

Priyal deliwala - Student - 25th November, 2013.

It was really very interesting and fun studying graphology. I was very surprised when I could actually co-relate to people’s nature and attitude to their handwriting analysis result. Varun Sir is a great teacher and shared a lot of experience of his and thus was a great learning experience. Graphology as a subject has taught me a lot of things which will help me to improve myself wherever I am lacking.

Shreya Jain - Student -12th December, 2013.

This course is as great as it sounds. Its very interesting and knowledgeable. Its fun. Looking forward to learn advance graphology and the trainer Varun Sir makes it all the more interesting. Its been a pleasure learning from him. Looking forward to learn Face Reading too.

Arshia Saraf - Student - 12th December, 2013

The course has given me a great experience. It has opened a lot of gates to explore. The best part was getting a positive feedback on analyzing a third person’s handwriting. Varun Sir has been an amazing teacher. He was more like a friend to us. His ways of teaching made graphology a fun course to learn. I am looking forward to the advance course and face reading. I have a lot of expectations from them.

Navya Sharan - Student - 11th December,2013

It was a wonderful experience learning Graphology under Varun sir. He makes learning fun and memorable.  Since Graphology was something new for me, getting a grasp over it initially,  was slightly difficult. But over the various sessions, it became easier under sir's guidance. Looking forward to do some more courses under Varun sir.

Tanvi Sanghvi - Owner of Print On & A Graphologist - 5th November,2013

Varun Sir, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for teaching me this wonderful art. I was so curious to know so much about everything as an anxious student but you satisfied my anxiety in a very simple and in such a way that it simply answered all my questions. It has been a wonderful journey as a teacher and a student. It felt more as a friend as you did not teach me 2 + 2 = 4....but you taught be the art of identifying people.

Thank you for even developing so much of interest in this course as now I have even taken it up as a career. Thank you for guiding me so well.

Mrs. Sumedha Sardessai - Professional Tarot Card Reader - Mumbai, 25th October,2013

It was a wonderful experience learning Graphology. Knowledge of Graphology has really helped me in knowing what is the true character of a person and their public image. Thanks Varun Sir for guidance and sharing your knowledge. All the best for the future projects.

Miss. Gagandeep Bhatti - Counsellor by Profession - Mumbai, 22nd August,2013

Learning is an experience that could stay for lifetime if its taught the way one understands the best. And so it was with W.S.O.H, with teacher like Varun who connects and understand every individuals needs and teaches in a way that learning is simple and leaves no void for doubts. And if any doubts; are answered as many times you want. 

Learning under teacher like him, will not only develop you as a Graphologist buy also improvise your personal growth.

Mr. Hemant Digwal - Mech. Engineering Student at BITS Billani, Dubai - Mumbai, 20th August,2013

I am very much impressed by the course. I wasn't a believer of Graphology, as I didn't know on what basis of study you could tell so much about the characteristics of  person. I would like to thank my teacher Varun who seems very passionate about this study. Amazing Experience. I shall practice to master and use it efficiently in later future.

Miss. Juhi Bhagat - Student of Psychology - Mumbai, 18th August,2013

I was curious about Graphology from the beginning. And Varun Sir made sure that I don't lose my enthusiasm. He made the teaching and learning process so much fun. He has been an amazing teacher and more than that, a very good friend. Learning Graphology has been a wonderful experience for me and I give all the credit to Varun Sir :)

Mrs. Prachi Ritesh Bhagat - Teacher by Profession - Mumbai, 1st June,2013

The Graphology course I joined was quite interesting. It taught me practical things. The course was not theoritical at all. The format of the Basic Course, the workbook style is very user friendly. This format enables easy interaction between the students and the teacher. I was quite apprehensiv about the duration of the course but the three hours would fly by in a jiffy. As a teacher, the course will be immensely useful to me for helping my students. My teacher, Varun Sir, is younger than me. I like his exuberance. You can see the passion with which he teaches. Never ever have I seen him taking shortcuts while teaching us. (A teacher recognises these things about other teachers). I have yet to meet a person who is as multi-talented as he is.

Miss Aditi Avanish Gautam - Student of Law - Mumbai, 1st June,2013

To me, Graphology was always something that aroused curiosity whenever I heard of it. So to make the most of my vacations this year, I decided to learn Graphology. From the beginning, Varun Sir helped me all the way with the details of the course to explaining it to my mother its benefits & ultimately convincing her to let me do it. My experience in learning this course turned out exactly how Varun Sir had told me in the starting & till the completion of the class it was never a boring class. The friendly atmosphere & Varun Sir's teaching helped me complete the course without any difficulty. This has by far been one of the nicest things I have learnt!!

Miss Kamna Bhatia - Surat, Gujarat - 25th May,2013

Trainer was wonderful in teaching Graphology. Wonderful experience. Learnt many things about which not even thought of would be a part of the course. I wish to learn advance graphology too need to wait for next break from the job. Thanks to Globus Talent team and World School of Handwriting team for giving me an opportunity to learn Graphology especially at my own place and convenience.
Thanks a lot!!

Maitreyi Bhatia, Student - Mumbai - 20th May,2013

It was lots of fun. Varun Sir is very nice & patient. He is very passionate about what he does & has created an interest amongst us.

Kunashni Parikh - Student - Mumbai - 20th May,2013

So much fun. I just learnt so much. Best part of my summer. I learnt a lot! Thanks Varun Sir! He is very understanding and knowledgeable.
All the best!!

Miss. Bhavani Chandrasekaran - Student of Psychology-Mumbai, 1st March,2013

The sessions were always interactive and fun. its was really interesting to know that letters could tell so much about a person having my friends around just made the whole experience a joy ride. our sir had i am sure put more than enough efforts to teach us graphology which made learning very easy

Miss Akshita Momaya - Student of Psychology- Mumbai, 28th Feb,2013

It felt great to learn this new form of science i.e. graphology.It helped me to realize my weaknesses and strengths. It also proved effective to have a better understanding of the persons around was a great fun to learn this art.every session of graphology  not only enthralled us with new revelations but it also made us more inquisitive to delve deeper in this field. The teaching techniques used by out tutor Varun Sir made the session more interesting and enjoyable. his mode of teaching boosted our interest and helped sustain our enthusiasm. looking forward for more interesting and enjoyable sessions of advance graphology.

Miss Siddi Shah- Article Assistant at Savant & Co, Mumbai,9th December,2012

Graphology as a course was a superb experience as we got to know so many things about every writer and even some secrets about ourselves. Learning with Varun Sir was just amazing!! He is very friendly and makes everything easy to understand. Learning Graphology was a different experience all together.

Miss Charmy Shah - Student of BAF, Mumbai, 9th December,2012

Learning Graphology was a great experience. It has helped to understand people in a better way. And having Varun Sir as a professor was fun. He makes the things go in our head my actually understanding the logic behind the study. He has lot of patience while teaching. Overall learning this course was an awesome experience.

Mrs. Jyoti Chitambare - HR by Profession, Mumbai, 28th October,2012

When I decided to join this course, I thought of learning it as a hobby but now I would love to take it as a career. I would love to learn further and go for the advance course after I practice the Basic Graphology. I really love Varun's approach. His teaching technique is really very good. It was not just theory but fun mixed with knowledge sharing. Thanks to World School of Handwriting for giving me valuable knowledge and a teacher like Varun. Thank you and thanks alot to Varun!!!!

Miss. Manjula Kamath (Profession - HR), Mumbai, 14th October,2012.

Great Experience. The profession is good and does not run fast to complete. He showed his interest in what he did and so it was fun learning the Basic Graphology Level. He guided me well during the practice sessions. Looking forward to successfully complete the basic and the advance level graphology with the guidance of Varun.

Dr. Swapna Patil, Mumbai, 14th April,2012.

I really enjoyed Graphology course thoroughly. I could see lot of points about myself & people around me which I could not have understood before. Now when I write things I try to incorporate the good points and improvise on my shortcomings.

And, obviously, can't think of how to thank Varun. Awesome teacher, good nature human being, fun to talk with. All I can say, had a great time. Thanks to him.