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Numerology at World School of Numerology

Your Date of Birth & your Name can tell alot about you. Changes in Personal & Business Name can help support you in your path to Success.

Learn Numerology from the Experts. Visit for Numerology Course details.

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Graphology at World School of Handwriting

Nothing hides from a Graphologist of Graphology Institute  World School of Handwriting. Enroll for Graphology Course today.

Visit for more details.

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Know your Trainer well.

Since last 11 years, Varun Sir has been known as an expert Educationalist in various projects to many of his precious clients across different states in India. He is currently the head of various projects at Globus Talent.

Varun Sir is a Graphologist, Statement Analyst & Associate Member …

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How to Practice Graphology with others?

If you are a Graphologist, you just can't ignore this message.

Participate and show your analyzing skills to the Graphology Institutes and let them pick you for Graphology Events.

Graphology Institute World School of Handwriting will give you chance to participate in Graphology Events only if ther…

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Different Theories in Dream Analysis

  • Arrangement of information in the brain

Each day you learn new things, see new people and experience different events. In the night the brain needs to put all the information in your long term memory and code it in such a way that it can be recalled easily. That's why a big percentage of the…

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How to Practice Graphology with others?

For Practicing Graphology, join World Graphology Forum

Join the World Wide Discussion on Handwriting & Signature Sample every week. The best part is, its Free!!! There are no charges to join World Graphology Forum and to start discussing your analysis with others.

How does World Grapholo…

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Graphology Tips from Graphologist Varun Sir of World School of Handwriting

Article on Face Reading with Varun Sir - Midday Newspaper - 7th August 2014.

Handwriting is Brainwriting

Whether a person writes with the right or left hand, the traits revealed will be the same. Even people that have learned to write with their mouth or foot, due to amputations of their limbs, reveal the same information from their “brain writing.”

Serious traits are seen in a sample of a depress…

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Graphology Tip # 1

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