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How to Practice Graphology with others?

For Practicing Graphology, join World Graphology Forum

Join the World Wide Discussion on Handwriting & Signature Sample every week. The best part is, its Free!!! There are no charges to join World Graphology Forum and to start discussing your analysis with others.

How does World Graphology Forum Work?

World Graphology Forum is a forum initiated by Graphology Institute World School of Handwriting for all the Graphologists around the world. At World Graphology Forum, you become a part of a huge discussion platform that will help you grow as a Graphologist. It becomes easier to practice Graphology on daily basis. World Graphology Forum is open to all the people around the world. It is not a one country specific website.

Step by Step Procedure to understand how World Graphology Forum works:

  • Every Monday, one handwriting sample is published on 'World Wide Discussion Page' and you are allowed to download that sample and analyse it.
  • You can come up with your views on that sample, ask questions, reply to others and get reply from others on 'World Wide Discussion Page'.
  • Once you submit your views/question/reply on the sample, your submitted content will be verified and published on the 'World Wide Discussion Page'.

Post your Views on World Graphology Forum for Free!!!

Every Monday a new Handwriting Sample is uploaded by Graphology Institute World School of Handwriting on the World Wide Discussion Page. Simply download the sample, analyse it and start your journey with them.

Please contact them on in case if you face any problem or if you have any question to ask them.


Graphology Thumb Rules for Beginners from Graphology Institute World School of Handwriting

  • Learn Graphology with complete knowledge and practice on various Handwriting and Signature samples.
  • Learning Graphology without correct guidance will provide you half knowledge which is almost equal to No Knowledge.
  • Learn Graphology from the scratch and most importantly learn it correct.

Graphology Institute World School of Handwriting offers Graphology Course with Basic & Advance Level Studies.

What is Graphology?

Graphology is the analysis of the physical characteristics and patterns of handwriting purporting to be able to identify the writer, indicating psychological state at the time of writing, or evaluating personality characteristics.

Who can learn it?

Anyone can learn it. It is Simple and easy. If you know English and have good observational skills, you can now only learn it but become an expert in Graphology.

Where to Learn it?

Graphology Institute World School of Handwriting is based in India, in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. It you wish to learn the course, you can enroll and learn at their branch and if you are far away from the Institute, you can learn it at your place. Just call the Institute on their official numbers 022-24072407 or 09920925666 and they will guide you.

Graphology Teachers with great experience and knowledge with train you to reach high accuracy level in Graphology.

Get printed notes, handwriting sample photocopies for practice, magnifying glass during graphology sessions. You not only learn Graphology but also practice it daily with other people on World Graphology Forum. You get one month free access to World Graphology Forum from the Institute.

For more details, we request you to visit the official website of the Graphology Institute World School of Handwriting

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