Varun L. Rupani


Different Theories in Dream Analysis

  • Arrangement of information in the brain

Each day you learn new things, see new people and experience different events. In the night the brain needs to put all the information in your long term memory and code it in such a way that it can be recalled easily. That's why a big percentage of the dreams you get are reflections to events that already happened in your day.

  • Training your survival skills

A researcher discovered that when a rat was prevented from dreaming, it lost its ability to perform its normal survival activities and became an easy prey. Those people suggested that dreams may be a method our minds use to rehearse our survival skills.

  • Reflection of our emotions

If you are worried about something you might get some scary dreams or even better you might dream of yourself ending your worries and making your wish come true. Dreams can be reflections of our desires and suppressed emotions.

  • Solution to problems

Even when you are asleep a part of your mind will still be working and sometimes the purpose of this part becomes finding the solution to a problem that is bothering you. Many people were inspired when they were asleep and found solutions to important problems as a result of dreaming!!

  • Visions

Though not completely understood it was shown that many people dreamed of certain events before they happened to them exactly as they saw them. While this is rare still it happens and a tiny percent of our dreams can be visions.

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