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Know your personality, know your positive and negative traits. Understand which letters you need to change to make your life stress free.

We at Graphology would like to share few important advantages of getting your handwriting and signature analyzed.

Understand the Writer:

If you brin…

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Graphology at its Best in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane!!

What is Graphology as per British Graphology?

I came across this article and thought of sharing this with all of you...

What is graphology? Just as there are no two people in the world with the same DNA, there are no two people in the world with the same handwriting. Your handwriting contains the story of yourself, and graphologists are those …

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Pressure of the Strokes & Size of the Letters!!

Look at the pressure of the strokes. A high pressure means the person has a high Emotional Energy. People with a high Emotional Energy have a lot of enthusiasm for life and are often very successful. People with a low Emotional Energy find most situations draining and will try to avoid them.

Look a…

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